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After nearly a decade in corporate--and $200,000 of student loans for a Yale Law Degree--my career was right on track.

I had a six-figure job at a prestigious organization doing work that I loved. I was slated to be on the team tasked with writing the biggest financial regulation in a decade.

There was only one problem...I was looking ahead at those upper rungs of the career ladder and what I saw there didn’t excite me.

I knew that what I wanted, more than anything in the world, was to be present with my kids. To not feel like I needed to ask permission every time I wanted to go to a school event.

And I wanted to set my own schedule--one where I could work at home instead of wasting time being stuck in traffic, commuting to the office.  But also I also craved challenging work with exciting projects that I could really sink my teeth into and make my own.

And I knew, given my financial and life goals, that making a six-figure salary was essential.

Two years ago, I was a banking & finance attorney

You see, right around that time, I’d also started making YouTube videos. It was a fun little side hustle making a few hundred dollars a month.

I didn’t think that it would ever realistically be something that could replace my six-figure lawyer salary.

And I was right. YouTube was not a business. And making a few videos certainly wasn’t enough for me to build the reliable income I needed to support my family.

I knew that I needed to create a real business, with products, services, and customers. Somehow, I had to figure out how to do that, while being a lawyer by day and a mom always.

So I sat down and charted out a plan to turn my hundred dollar side hustle into a six-figure business efficiently, without hiring a huge team to help me, and in just a few hours a day.

A year later, I had a multiple six-figure online business that allowed me to quit my job, while still paying for college for one kid and private pre-school for the other, EVEN during a global pandemic.

That’s when I decided that something had to change...

You've done the traditional day job thing. And yes, you've seen success.

But every day that you do that same commute to that same office chair (when you'd rather be home in some comfy pants) there's this part of you that feels like there's something missing.

Your work stopped being exciting a long time ago.

Even when you do get to run with one of your big ideas, it quickly gets bogged down in red tape. You feel yourself pressing up against that glass ceiling but even if you do manage to break through to the other side, it's not looking too enticing over there.

More boring meetings. More office politics.

A job that forces you to fit your life around it, when you know, deep inside, that you want your dreams, your family, to come first.

And more and more you find yourself wishing that you could have the freedom to be in charge of your own schedule so you can spend more time with the people you care about.

Your 9-5 pays your bills but you know there's something bigger that's calling you…

sound familiar?

If this sounds like you, then keep reading because this could possibly be that moment when EVERYTHING changes for you.

The memory that you'll look back on as THE moment where you went from wishing to action.


because, guess what?


And it doesn't have to wait for some far off distant future that may never come. You can start RIGHT NOW and grow your business to six-figures and beyond even while you’re still holding down your 9-5.

Building your profitable freedom business is simple and doable, once you’ve learned the step-by-step system for growing your business the right way. 

Doing work that you are passionate about every single day without having to compromise on your voice or message.


Making more money than you did in your day job while having the kind of flexibility that you’ve been longing for.

Able to quickly validate (and even pre-sell) new offers BEFORE spending countless hours trying to perfect them without real-world feedback.

Reaching more of the people who need your help and waking up to an inbox full of messages full of gratitude from your community.

For the first time in your life, finally able to say no to the projects that don't excite you so that you can have the time and energy for the things that truly light you up--like mid-day workouts, regular date nights, and quality time with your kiddos.

- Chelsea guillard, the fairytale family

Before I met Tasha, I was feeling really defeated. Like I would just have to settle for having a side blog forever because I didn't believe that it could be done. Starting a business can be so overwhelming--especially with a full time job. This program broke it down into bitsized chunks so that I could start taking action. I truly believe that it would have taken me years to make this kind of progress in my business if I hadn't worked with Tasha. 

we wouldn't even have a business without you!

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The Ascend Incubator

Join us in the

The Ascend Incubator combines implementation-focused tactics with high touch group coaching and plug-and-play templates to help you build a profitable business efficiently, confidently, and without the overwhelm.


As an online entrepreneur, your website and content are your business cards. Our coaches will help you hone your brand messaging and make sure that you don’t get bogged down in writer's block and are able to move forward with confidence.

Weekly Feedback on Your Work

Starting a business will test you like you've never been tested before. But you don't have to go it alone. I'll be right there with you, coaching you through it all. I’ll help you strategize and brainstorm the next right steps in your business to keep you moving forward. Plus, the group dynamic will give you outside insight and inspiration to spark your own big ah-has.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Tasha

You'll have an engaged community of fellow driven entrepreneurs ready to support you. Imagine being in an exclusive group of go-getters just like you to mastermind and brainstorm with.

Inside of the community, you’ll have access to real-world, what’s working now inside information to help you all grow that much faster together. And a group of business besties who understand your big dreams and are excited to cheer you on every step of the way!

Private Client-Only Facebook Group

As the CEO of your very own startup, you’ll be wearing all of the hats in your business in the beginning.

The template and tech tutorial library will make it easy for you to learn the tech and implement quickly without any of the overwhelm. And when you’re ready to bring on your first team member (which you’ll do as part of your Ascend journey) you can onboard quickly.

Our Full Tech Tutorial & Template Library

This comprehensive, step-by-step program guides you through the process of brainstorming and validating your business idea, growing your online presence, growing your team, and marketing and launching your offering to an audience of excited people who can’t wait for your offer.

Access to the 12 Month Ascend Incubator Curriculum

What's Included in the
Ascend Incubator Program:

Design your business the right way from the beginning. That means taking the time to identify of what type of business you should start, who you will help, and how your business will make money.

We’ll help you execute a content plan with ease thanks to our Content Generator Matrix so you can attract your perfect customer in droves. With this clear framework in place, you can take efficient, purposeful, and profitable action in your business from Day One.



Here’s what we’ll accomplish together in the Ascend Incubator 

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the Framework

Create and pre-sell your first offer within your first 60 days. Get out of the overthinking spiral and put your offer out into the world using Simple Sales.

We’ll hone your offer using actual customer data and validate it by getting actual paying customers so you don’t waste any time creating something no one wants. We’ll also get your business systems in place so that you can get more done in less time and onboard your first team member with ease.



NEXT phase


the Framework

Build on the solid foundation you’ve created and use it to amplify your results. Gather customer testimonials and use feedback to update your offering from beta to version 1.0.

Understand and track your metrics so you can replicate and multiply your results, increasing your revenue without having to work harder. Layer on new traffic strategies to help you grow your business faster.





the Framework

- felicia coke

In my mind, I wondered if it was really possible for me to have my own online business--even though I already had a successful brick-and-mortar business. Tasha helped me believe that it was okay for someone to be a successful professional like me but still want this life where we can have flexibility, spend time with our family, and still be able to make money doing work we love.  This isn't my first business, but just having Tasha there to walk me through, step by step, really helped me make progress so much faster.

I finally was able to move my business forward!

the clients

So many people mistakenly believe that they have to be the next Elon Musk to build a successful business. But the truth is that you don’t have to have a revolutionary business idea in order to have a successful business. Our Winning Business Idea Framework will help you brainstorm and choose the right business idea for you.

The Ascend Incubator program is for you whether...


you don't have your business idea nailed down just yet...

I've been there friend. Hustling for views and likes that don't actually translate to a consistent (and liveable) income stream. When you focus on building your own online business using solid strategies like planning your profits, you can focus on the exact actions that you need to take to grow your business and income significantly. 

you've started side hustling but you aren't hitting 5-figure months...

- lynelle chappell

Before working with Tasha, I had no idea how to turn my idea into an online business. I saw people making money online but I had no idea how to make it happen for me. Now I have clarity on exactly what type of business I want to start and my business is a reality. It's a real business now and not just a thought in my head.

this got me out of research mode and into action!

the clients

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- nadrea miller

Before this program, I had low self confidence. Once I started learning what you were teaching, I was more equipped to really move forward instead of researching and not taking any action. It gave me the drive to get my freebie out there, to get on YouTube. And now I'm being asked to do radio interviews about my offers. I never thought that that would happen for me.

i went from low confidence to doing radio interviews!

the clients

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Let me show you how to turn your dream business into your freedom business and finally have the time freedom and income freedom that you've been longing for.

...if you had a profitable online business doing work that you loved? 

What would it mean for your life?

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